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Hmm. Okay, time for an update.

Midterms next week. AUGH. x.x I already had my Spanish (oral) midterm and my Computer Apps. midterm. I thought I totally screwed up on Computer Apps., but my teacher told me I was one of the top 5 people in the class that actually passed... Seriously, the class average for the midterm was a 63. Good thing it's being curved. The Spanish oral wasn't TOO bad. I was confused on like maybe 3 pictures, but other than that, it was fine. I hope I did well on the paragraph. The actual written test is on Monday.

Oh yeah. Took my SATs today. They weren't too bad, but I skipped like, 3 analogies in a row. Heh. n.n I am SO bad at the verbal section. The math section is more of my type. ::nodnod::

Anyway, I'm gonna go eat dinner now. So, bye bye. ^.^

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