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My Lit. midterm was today. It was all right; pretty easy. But it was still harder than I'd expected. Grr. I hope I did well on it.

Had rehearsal today, too. It was another singing one. My one solo line in "America" is coming along very nicely. I belt it! :D It's so cool; it goes up to a D. Honestly, now that I have that one singing line, I don't care as much now if I don't get the "Somewhere" solo. That one line totally shows off my belt, and even though Luke thinks otherwise, I do think I'm more of a belter than anything else. It just seems so... awesome and free to me. I like my head voice, but not too much today. Whenever the vocal director asks me to sing "Somewhere" for an audition for that solo, I get so nervous, and my throat decides to close on me x.x; I did all right today, just not as well as I do in my voice lessons. At least I don't think so.

Alyson let me borrow her next 3 Inuyasha DVDs and her 2 volumes of Angelic Layer. I'm not even done the 1 Inuyasha DVD she let me borrow, and her collection is being circulated through like, 6 different people. I can't wait to watch Angelic Layer! It looks sooo cute. ^.^ In exchange, I let her borrow my 4th volume of the Fushigi Yuugi manga and the 1st volume of the Alice 19th manga. Erin borrowed Alice 19th today while waiting for midterms, and she finished it in like, 20 minutes. Then some other senior girl started to read it, too. Heh.

I hope it snows tomorrow. I don't want school. ;.; History midterm. Blah.

Bye bye for now.

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