Sakura (catstar) wrote,

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Ack. I don't wanna be back in school u.u; Got some midterm grades back. I did better than I had expected in some of them.

Dance rehearsal tomorrow! Yay! ::<3 to dancing::

Once again, Patriots better win the Superbowl. Yes, Riana, it'd be better if they both lost (Kinda amusing XD Heh! Not a bad image, either...), but eh, someone has to win. It just better be the Patriots, or I'm gonna murder someone. ::<3 to Eagles:: ::<3 to football:: ::<3 to the NFL:: ::<3 <3 <3::

I just noticed something. The older I get, the more emotional and bitchy I get when I have my period. What a revelation!

Mm... Better go do homework! Bye for now!

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